HB Does Whole30: Week Two Recap

Could it be true? Am I already halfway through my Whole30?!

I wasn’t sure what to expect over this last week – if I was going to find myself losing motivation or gaining it – but as of writing this post I’m feeling all sorts of on top of the world. Entering the Tiger Blood stage early, perhaps?

the good

I’m really enjoying the food again. I hit a quick slump toward the end of week one (specifically getting sick of meat/eggs), but I made it a point to switch things up over this past week, and it really seemed to do the trick. As I’ve mentioned a gazillion times, staying prepared (even if just mentally planning meals in advance) has continued to be crucial. 

I’m starting to feel and see results. Wooooo. Last week I mentioned how I wasn’t really feeling any different, but toward the end of this week I started noticing some changes in how I feel, think, and even look! I took some progress pix and apparently it’s not just in my head (score). Experiencing results is definitely a huge motivation to keep moving forward.

the bad

My mind is starting to play tricks on me. Even with those wins, it isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. I’ve been battling THOSE thoughts..

“No one will know.”
“Just one bite won’t kill you.”
“You’re going to go back to eating normal soon anyway, why not just start now?”

Thankfully I’ve been able to think/talk myself out of these thoughts (especially using some of the tips I mention in this post). More on this below.

I didn’t get to exercising as I hoped to. This was one of my goals for the past week that I didn’t exactly meet. BUT I actually just (re)joined ClassPass the other day, so I’m excited to get back to regular workouts! Having classes scheduled out ahead of time that I actually paid for/invested in is definitely a huge motivation. 

I kinda sorta feel like I’m failing in the documentation part. One of my goals overall for this Whole30 was to document it more here on the blog, and I feel like I haven’t been doing that as much as I wanted to. Sure, I have these recaps, but I wanted to share more recipes, tips, etc. I’m trying to have grace on myself in that area because…well, blog posts are time consuming! I’ve just had a lot going on with my other projects this month, and eventually if when all goes as planned I’ll have much more time to dedicate to this little corner of the Internet 🙂 

biggest takeaways

Focus on what I know, not how I feel. Of course I’m still paying attention to how this Whole30 is making me feel in ways, but as far as managing “those thoughts” I’m trying to give myself a bit of tough love & pep talks. I FEEL like I can’t do this for 2 more weeks, but I KNOW that I can. I FEEL like it’s not going to be effective, but I KNOW that it will be. 

It’s ok (and best) to let myself get hungry. I know this is actually the opposite for a lot of people, but I actually like to allow myself to get really hungry these days. When I’m not truly hungry is when I think empty carbs/sugar is what I want. But I find that when I’m truly, genuinely hungry – my body craves Whole30 foods because it knows that’s what will leave me feeling full and satisfied. 

goals for next week

Honestly…I don’t really have any new goals going into week three! I’m really proud with how I’ve been doing, so I guess my only goal would be to stay on course and keep doin’ what I’m doin’.

That’s all for this week’s recap! As always be sure to follow me on Instagram (+ Instagram Stories) for more of a behind-the-scenes look at my Whole30 journey 🙂 xoxo GG

Is anyone else on Whole30 this month? Would love to hear how it’s going for you!

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