HB Does Whole30: Week Three Recap

It’s the final stretch of my Whole30, eek!

Let’s get right to it – here’s what this past week looked like + what’s up next.

the good

RESULTS. I mentioned last week how I started feeling and seeing results from this round of Whole30, and I’m excited that they keep comin’! Over the past few days I started noticing some of my clothes fitting a bit looser – nothing crazy, but a nice motivator. I also just feel great physically, but even better is I feel amazing mentally and emotionally. I’m more energized, less stressed, and just feel more myself than I have in a while. I’m going to discuss these results more in depth in my final Whole30 recap next week!

I’ve been exercising more. Not only does it feel good to start my journey to getting back in shape, but my mindset toward exercise is so much healthier than it was before. From fueling my body so well, I’m viewing exercise as just another way to treat my body better and make it stronger, as opposed to exercising because I feel like I “have to,” or to burn X amount of calories. This is definitely an attitude I want to maintain long term.

the bad

Missing normalcy. I miss a splash of half & half in my coffee. I miss not having to be difficult ordering at a restaurant. I miss being able to get an ice cream cone on a Saturday afternoon. I know that making a commitment to my health for 30 days is more important than those things, but I’m looking forward to not having to be so strict anymore.

Feeling like I’m “close enough.” Unfortunately those thoughts I mentioned in my last recap are still there. As I get closer to the end, the biggest temptation is to end early. I think, “I’ve already gotten so many of the benefits of the Whole30, what harm is there in transitioning out a little early?” But day 29 isn’t day 30, and day 22 sure as heck isn’t 😉 So I’m just keeping on keeping on.

biggest takeaways

Must must MUST take it one day at a time. Each day of Whole30 brings different successes and different struggles. While it’s definitely important to have an overall plan (and goals) in place for Whole30, I can’t stress enough how it comes down to making the decision to stick to it day after day after day. In fact, if I could start over I’d make it a point to read through my goals and my “whys” each morning.

goal for next week

Plan my transition out of Whole30. This is going to be SUPER important, and the area I feel like I “failed” the most with my previous Whole30s. The last two times I *wanted* to slowly add more foods back and and find my “happy place” of maintaining some Whole30 principles, but it was more of an idea and not something I actually planned out. I’ll chat more about my plan in my next and final recap!


I hope you guys have been finding these recaps helpful! If you have any questions or tips for future Whole30 blog posts I’d love to know what they are 🙂 And as always, you can keep up with more of my day-to-day on Instagram! xo GG


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