What I’m Loving Right Now {8.20.17}

Things! Stuff! Material Goods!

Here’s some ish I’m particularly loving right now. Please note that this post does contain affiliate links, but I truly love and use all of these things myself 🙂


I love a good smoothie, but what I don’t always love is the prep, clean up, and always having all of the necessary ingredients on hand. Daily Harvest is seriously such a genius idea – they’ve got all the fixins for amazing smoothies (we’re talking varieties like Mint + Cacao, Pineapple + Matcha, Cold Brew + Almond etc.) and are delivered frozen right to your door. They also just started offering Overnight Oats, Chia Parfaits, Soups and SUNDAES (omg). You can use code hungryblonde to get your first 3 smoothies free!

I’m pretty much always sharing my love of KIND Snacks, but did you know that they have MINI versions of their bars? They’re perfect when you just need a little somethin’ somethin’ to hold you over…or satisfy your sweet tooth.


I recently mentioned on Instagram how I’m reading the book Food Freedom Forever, and I just need to mention again how I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve been a fan of Melissa Hartwig for a while – I think Whole30 is such an incredible program, and she just also seems like one cool chick. But this book…it’s on another level good. Melissa does such a great job of communicating what REAL food freedom actually looks like, and lays out the blueprint on how to get there. It’s full of principles that I always kinda sorta followed, but the way she puts it into perspective has been genuinely life-changing for me and my relationship with food. Wherever you are on your healthy journey, this is a must-read.


Is it just me or is activewear like, crazy overpriced these days? Don’t get me wrong, I love a pair of $100 leggings as much as the next girl, and certain brands really do provide top quality. BUT – sometimes ya just want some fashionable athleisure that won’t cost an arm and a leg, ya know? I’ve been super into Forever 21‘s athletic wear right now for that reason. They carry trendy pieces that are more decent quality than I expected, like this cute mesh coverup.


I’ve always been a bit of a freak when it comes to skincare, but haircare was never something I cared much about…until now. Years and years of keeping my locks blonde-ified combined with heat tools started to catch up to me, so I’ve been trying to do as much damage control/repair as possible. Pureology shampoo and conditioner has seriously made such a difference. It’s sulfate-free, 100% vegan, and they have a ton of varieties depending on your hair’s needs. I haven’t yet tried their line for blonde hair, though, which I’m dying to get my hands on! But the Pureology Hydrate Sheer line is great and has made my hair super soft and seems to have helped with split ends.


While everyone and their mom is obsessing over Game Of Thrones, I’m just sitting over here like, but have you seen Younger? It’s been a while since I’ve loved a show this much. There’s an amazing storyline, great characters, and (bonus) it takes place in New York. My only complaint is that the episodes aren’t longer!

That’s all for now…see you for the next WILRN. In the meantime I’m regularly sharing new products etc. that I love on my Instagram Story!

xoxo GG

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