What I’m Loving Right Now {4.7.17}

Hi friends!

One of my favorite type of blog posts (since way back in my GML days) has always been “What I’m Loving RN,” so I figured I’d start doing them here on Hungry Blonde. Let’s get right into it, shall we?


First things first, of course. 

I’ve posted about Zing Bars before, but they’re still a favorite go-to of mine. I feel like most energy bars either a) taste great but aren’t actually that good for you or b) are better for you but taste TOO healthy. Zing Bars are a good middle-of-the-road bar. They’re free of common allergens, have 10g of protein, ingredients I can pronounce, and they actually taste amazing. The Dark Chocolate Coconut and Almond Blueberry are my favorites!

PS – you can use my coupon code ZING10JRT to get 10% off at ZingBars.com!


If you follow my Instagram Stories you’ve probably seen me talk about how much I’m loving collagen lately. I know I’m a little late to the game on this one, but HOLY BENEFITS. No joke – after just one week of adding collagen to my smoothies (or even drinking it straight in water #LikeABoss) I noticed my skin looking brighter and tighter. I also feel like it decreases my appetite throughout the day. Right now I’m using ZINT, which I discovered at the Healthy Brands Showcase a few weeks ago here in NYC.


Oh. Em. Gee. These little resistance band thingies? They pack a booty-burning punch, and I’m obsessed. 

I first got them before going to Europe for 2 weeks in September because I thought I’d like, totally workout in our hotel room. The bad news is – I didn’t – but the good news is I eventually used these babies and found out that they’re a total game-changer. I use them at least every other day for my butt workouts, oftentimes even bringing them to the gym with me because I prefer them over machines. I got these for super cheap on Amazon.


Up until very recently, I was adamantly against foundation. As someone who has always had clear skin (can someone shut this girl up?) covering my face with a layer of cakey gook just seemed pointless. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that foundation is about so much more than just covering blemishes, and my 30-year-old skin now needs that skin tone evening action (especially after a late night out – HELLO). 

A few years ago I started using Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet (another one of my faves) and learned that foundation isn’t always thick and cakey. Then along came Makeup Forever Ultra HD, which I’ve been using for the past few months. It’s very light and airy, goes on smoothly, but still manages to have AMAZING coverage and leaves my skin tone completely evened out. 


I’m no expert, but I’ve come to the conclusion that a good face mask sesh can solve all of life’s problems. I have two favorite right now:

Tula Exfoliating Treatment Mask leaves my skin feeling soft, clean & refreshed.

Boscia Sake Bright White Mask peel off mask also gives my face a refreshed + brightened look but also that great tight feeling that nothing like a good peel-off mask can provide.


I started watching 13 Reasons Why per a friend’s suggestion, and to be honest I really didn’t think I’d be into it. Other than Gossip Girl, teen (angst) shows never really did it for me because I’m SUCH an adult, you guys. But I ended up getting super sucked into the storyline. The show does a great job of staying mysterious but still providing “enough” in each episode to keep you from throwing in the towel.


If you’re not a New Yorker it won’t hurt my feelings if you want to skip this part 😉 But here are a couple of spots that have recently left me quite impressed.

Lugo Cucina

For the past 6 years of living here I was convinced that no good restaurant existed in the vicinity of Penn Station/Madison Square Garden (AKA the armpit of NYC), but Lugo Cucina has gone and convinced me that I was wrong. I went for lunch a couple of weeks ago with Sydney, and dare I say it was some of the best Italian food I’ve ever had? And save it – yes I have been to Italy. This is definitely one of the city’s hidden gems, and also perfect for you Midtowners in search of a decent working lunch.

Prince St. Pizza

I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I JUST had Prince St. Pizza for the first time, but Hungry Blonde is a safe place sooo it’s happening.

Prince St. Pizza is conveniently located across the street from a Nolita lounge I frequent (Black Lodge) so a few weeks ago I indulged in that 2am pizza craving that doesn’t usually happen considering I live in a late-night-pizza-barren land called the Upper East Side. 

Back to the pizza. Prince St. perfects the Sicilian style with a thick and chewy crust, the perfect sauce-to-cheese ratio, and all the crispy greasy pepperoni your heart could desire. Pardon the blurry pic – remember that whole “2am” part? 


Pizza seems like a good place to wrap this up, no? 😉

I’m thinking I’ll make this another regular series, so see you for the next one! xoxo GG


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