What I Eat In A Day: No Cooking Required

Most days of the week I really try to eat at least 2 home-cooked meals (because like, nutrients and stuff) buuuut sometimes life + Hungry Blonde-ing happens. Yesterday was one of those days, but I must say it was quite delicious.

More on those later 😉 First up…

I was in a rush for a morning meeting so I used the oh so convenient excuse to enjoy a doughnut for breakfast. But not just any doughnut…an “All Nighter” from The Doughnut Project (along with my usual Nespresso, of course).

I’m all about balance, so a big salad for lunch seemed like a good idea. I set up camp at Fika to work for the afternoon, so I went with their Elderflower Salad: herb roasted butternut squash, spinach, arugula, string beans, pumpkin seeds elderflower marinated feta cheese.

By the time I got wrapped up with work for the day the last thing I felt like doing was cook, and thankfully I had a meal from Zone Manhattan. Zone Manhattan is a meal delivery service in NYC that makes eating healthy super convenient (and delicious!). I shared some more photos here and here on Instagram. If you place an order with them mention “Hungry Blonde” to receive 5% off 🙂

That was their rack of lamb with roasted veggies over a salad. It was flavorful and filling, and definitely seemed more home-cooked than many other meal delivery foods I’ve tried.

For dessert I had a couple of those cookies pictured above – PALEO cookies! Thrive Tribe was kind enough to send me a care package with a bunch of their goodies, and these Cherry Almond Paleo Cookies were the first I broke into. They’re really good – totally recommend. Especially with a smear of nut butter 😉

Aaand that’s a wrap! Now I’m in bed sipping on some sleepytime tea and mapping out my day for tomorrow 🙂

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xoxo GG