The NYC Girl Workout

One of the most common questions/comments I’ve gotten since starting Hungry Blonde is, how do you eat so much without gaining weight?! The real answer quite simple, and it’s called portion control. Let’s get that clear from the start. 

BUT. There’s also something to be said about the lifestyle here in New York City, which is pretty much like you’re experiencing a workout that never ends…


CARDIO: Walking, le duh. Whether we intend to or not, most New Yorkers walk at least a few miles each day. And we walk FAST…like “get out of my way or I will end you” fast.


GLUTES & LEGS: “The higher the heels, the closer to God”…and the better your legs will look.

BALANCE: Speaking of heels, walking the cobblestone streets in 5-inchers is like an obstacle course PE class never trained us for.

AGILITY: Weaving in and out of the slow walkers. Natural selection will take them out soon enough.


ARMS: Carrying two 20 pound grocery bags a mile home and then up 5 flights of stairs is basically Crossfit.

ABS: After a good night out with your girl friends, the stories you’re left with will have you laughing yourself straight into a six pack. Or at least leave you not GAF about having one.

(Ahem. Usually the latter.)


STRETCHING: Enter a packed train during rush hour…one where you can smell the breath of the guy in front of you…and your body will contort in ways you didn’t think possible.

POST-WORKOUT BONUS: The city offers free sauna services every year from June through September, 24 hours a day.

See? It really is that simple. So if you’re one of those people who just can’t bring yourself to go to the gym, maybe the concrete jungle is the perfect place for you.

Gracie Gordon