NYC Restaurant: Salvation Burger

A few weeks ago I heard rumors that Salvation Burger was one of the best (new) burgers in city, so obviously it went straight to the top of my “must visit ASAP” list. So last week I met up there with some friends after work to find out for myself.

Here’s my thing with burgers – I don’t like anything too fancy. I like a classic, messy, almost fast-food-like burger. Is that weird…?

I went with the Classic Burger, and it turned out to be exactly that. The double patty was EVERYTHING and the cheese + sauce combination gave me the messy deliciousness I was hoping for.

Salvation Burger

I’ve got to be honest about something, though – the service at Salvation Burger can definitely use some work. Obviously I wasn’t expecting the service of a top restaurant (it’s a burger joint, of course), but it was just…sloppy. First of all, we weren’t seated for 30+ minutes despite there being 5+ open tables (and they don’t take reservations). Secondly, on two occasions our server took our items before we were finished with them…quickly, without even asking. It was just strange, to be honest.

With that being said, Salvation Burger is definitely still worth a visit for my fellow burger lovers out there. Be sure to go hungry!

Salvation Burger

Salvation Burger: 230 E 51ST Street, New York NY
Great for: dinner, groups, after-work