What I’m Loving Right Now {9.10.17}


Although I’ve definitely gotten back into cooking from home more (compared to my first few years of living in New York/off of Seamless), it’s been a while since I got back to my baking roots. Going into the fall season seemed like a good place to start up again, and having my Keto Coconut Peanut Butter Fudge Cups made me realize how much I love having homemade treats on hand…

So last week I made these Paleo Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Muffins, which I adapted from this recipe for Paleo Blueberry Banana Breakfast Bread. I cut the baking time down by 10-15 minutes (because of the muffin form) and swapped the blueberries for some dark chocolate chips.

They turned out amazing! Almond flour is definitely my favorite of the gluten-free/Paleo friendly flours to bake with. They’re dense and have the perfect amount of sweetness – perfect with a smear of butter or nut butter.

Also on the food front – what did I do before Primal Kitchen Dressings?! I drizzle them on just about everything at this point. They come in really delicious varieties and are made with great ingredients (that are all Whole30 approved!). My favorites would have to be the Green Goddess and Honey Mustard.


Over the past few months I’ve been trying to seriously cut back on how much I wash my hair (sexy, I know), and I must say I’ve definitely noticed the condition of my hair improve because of it. I’ve been depending on dry shampoo more than ever, but I’ve also gotten quite picky with it. I don’t love most powdered dry shampoos, and many of the spray ones I’ve tried are too sticky and/or smell terrible. I felt like I hit the jackpot when I tried this  John Frieda Volume Refresh dry shampoo. It’s super light and really refreshes my hair with an extra bump of volume. Not to mention it smells great!

I’ve been using Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm since it first came out years ago. It’s my go-to for daytime because it’s soft and moisturizing but adds a nice subtle tint. The Peach Kiss variety was always my favorite, but the other day I couldn’t find it in the drug store. Before moping out, though, I saw their new Color Balm Crayon in a similar shade, so I figured I’d give it a try. OMG you guys…I’m obsessed. It goes on so silky smooth, and I just love this neutral, peachy shade – Toasted Taupe.


A couple of weeks ago I started using Spacious to set up and work throughout NYC. Spacious partners with the city’s best restaurants to open the doors to beautiful spaces in the hours they’re not being used. So during the day, these restaurants turn into co-working spacing for entrepreneurs like myself (or anyone, really!). They provide free coffee, wifi, power strips galore, and a host at each location. You can also have a guest join you for free for up to an hour each day.

In just a few short weeks this has been SUCH a game-changer for me. I love my home office, but I find it really important to get out as much as I can during the workweek. I’ve worked from cafes a lot on the past, but a girl can only take so much flakey wifi, you know? Spacious not only allows me to work from various locations throughout the city (depending on where I need to be for meetings, shoots, etc.), but it’s also a great opportunity to network.

If you’re interested in trying Spacious out for yourself, you can use my code GGORDON for $50 off.


I’m always on the lookout for fellow bloggers/influencers who are killing it, and I want to start showing them some love! Here are some gals I’ve been loving following & am always inspired by.

@dadaeats – in a sea of NYC food porn foodies, it’s always refreshing to come across someone who gives a realistic look of what it looks like to balance delicious yet wholesome food. Samah’s feed is full of healthy inspiration from her own daily eats, and I must admit I’m biased because her food preferences remind me a lot of my own 😉

@taramichellebrose – I find Tara’s feed to be so incredibly swoon-worthy. She does such a great job of incorporating fashion & lifestyle content that is so unique and captivating (as opposed to that same old “street style” pic we’ve all seen a million times, ifyouknowhwhatImean). It also helps that she’s basically the sweetest human ever IRL.


That’s all for this week! P.S. I also wanted to note that I uploaded my recent IG Story of my skincare routine if you wanted to reference it in the future. Have a great week, babes. xo GG


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  1. I’ve heard great things about Primal kitchen products! everyone raves about their dressings, so I need to give them a shot! Those muffins look DELISH!

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