What I’m Loving Right Now {7.27.17}

Let’s get right to it – here are some things that I’m totally swooning over RN. Please note that this post does contain affiliate links, but I truly love and use all of these things myself 🙂


I’m always on the hunt for yummy new gluten-free products, and when I came across Bread SRSLY on Instagram recently I knew I had to get my hands on it. I was a bit skeptical at first because one of the things I love about sourdough bread so much is its chewy texture, but I’m happy to report that Bread SRSLY nails it. It’s super chewy and hearty…I actually can’t believe it’s gluten-free! It’s definitely up there as one of my top 3 favorite breads.

Bread SRSLY Gluten Free Sourdough Bread


Something I don’t share often is that I’m actually quite the tea drinker…but not exactly because I like it (I’m more of a coffee gal, TBH). I drink tea almost daily because of its health benefits – usually some form of green tea, sometimes with Apple Cider Vinegar added. But lately I’ve been using this Primal Essence Organic Super Tea (Turmeric Tulsi variety). Full disclosure – it definitely has quite the kick to it, but turmeric has so many health benefits (full of antioxidants + anti-inflammatory), and it gives me a nice boost of energy when I need it in the afternoon. I also love how convenient the spray bottle is. You can skip the tea bags and put a few drops directly into hot OR cold water.

Primal Essence Turmeric Tea Spray


Confession: I’m a recovering spin-aholic. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always love a good spin class. But lately (since rejoining ClassPass) I’ve been experimenting with new styles of classes, and loving every second of it. While I’ve been doing a variety of different classes I really love, boxing & kickboxing have stepped up as my favorites at the moment. There’s just something so empowering about feeling like I could kick someone’s butt, you know? I even got myself my own gloves! My favorite classes right now are Overthrow New York and Kickbox Haus.

(PS – if you’re interested in trying ClassPass, you can use my link for $40 off your first month!)

Overthrow Boxing Club New York


If having my own jewelry line didn’t give it away, I am SUCH a jewelry girl. Always have been. For the past few years I’ve been more into dainty/simple jewelry, but lately I’ve gotten a whole new appreciation for statement jewelry again. I love adding a big bold necklace or stackable bracelets to my look, and of course Chloe + Isabel pieces are my go-to.

Chloe + Isabel statement jewelry


About a month ago I asked my Internet girl gang for their tips on haircare (my blonde locks always need as much TLC as they can get) and someone recommended this Argan Oil Hair Mask (with jojoba, aloe vera & keratin). I ordered it on Amazon and have been using it about once a week, and I’ve noticed SUCH a huge difference in my hair! It’s been softer, shinier, and feels like there has been less breakage.

Argan Oil Hair Mask


I wish I could say I’m one of those people who easily gets lost in books, but I’m just…not. I do LOVE reading, it just has to be a book that really sucks me in. Instead of re-reading The 4-Hour Workweek for the billionth time, I took my roommate Rachel’s suggestion and picked up My Year With Eleanor. It’s the perfect summer read – equally entertaining but also SO inspiring. I totally recommend it.

My Year With Eleanor

That’s it for now! See you for the next WILRN 😉 In the meantime I’m always sharing new product loves on my Instagram Story as well! xoxo GG

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