What I’m Loving Right Now {11.13.17}


For some reason it has taken me forever to get on the Maca train, but I’ve been super into it lately. Since I started taking my collagen in capsule form, it freed up some room in my coffee for another superfood (because God forbid I just drink regular old coffee, HA). I add a teaspoon of Maca Root powder too my coffee (along with unsweetened cashew or almond milk + stevia) and I actually love the nutty, almost chocolate-y flavor of it. The main thing I’ve noticed from it is increased energy, but there are are SO many other health benefits of Maca (source):

  • it’s an adaptogen (lowers cortisol)
  • increased fertility and hormone balance
  • includes over 20 amino acids
  • it’s an antioxidant booster


If you follow my Instagram Stories you probably know that I’m sort of obsessed with face masks, and lately I’ve been loving going au naturale by using straight up Manuka Honey. There are tons of health benefits to including Manuka Honey in your diet, but I was surprised to learn how great it is for your skin as well! It has high anti-inflammatory properties so is great for healing acne (by drawing out bacteria from your pours), promotes skin repair, hydrates, AND is anti-aging (source). Don’t mind if I do. I spread a nice layer on my face and neck and leave on for 20 minuets about twice a week.

(Oh, and using genuine Manuka Honey is key – I use and recommend Wedderspoon.)


Teddy Bear Jackets are a trend I’m seriously digging for the fall/winter, and I’m on the hunt to get my hands on one ASAP. I’m looking for one that’s reasonably priced, so will report back if/when I find it 😉


The other night I broke my “Friday nights in” rule and had dinner at Black Barn – a farm-to-table restaurant in NoMad. I had been there over a year ago for brunch and loved it, so I was excited to try their dinner menu.

First of all, I have to say that the overall experience at Black Barn was so refreshing. The rustic-modern barn setting gave great vibes, and the service was incredible (always super important to me). As for the food, everything we had was so delicious! The dishes & wine we enjoyed:

Autumn Salad (a special of the night) with burrata, apples, bacon
Wild Mushroom Toast: robiola, taleggio, parmesan, purple watercress, sourdough toast
Roasted Duck Breast: pink pepper black garlic sausage, poached rhubarb, smoked potato, chanterelle
Braised Wild Boar Raviolo with roasted root vegetables, spicy squash, chanterelle & crispy sage
Brussels sprouts with apple & bacon
Rum Butterscotch Bread Pudding with vanilla ice cream
S’mores dessert
Round Pond “Kith & Kin” – Cabernet Sauvignon
Inniskillin dessert wine

Another thing I love about Black Barn is that they’re all about giving back, as head Chef John Doherty founded the Heavenly Harvest Foundation. This Tuesday (tomorrow!) they’re also having a special benefit dinner with Feed the Children to help raise funds for families in need, especially those affected by the recent disasters. If you’re in NYC, this is going to be an incredible event to attend! You can get tickets (or simply donate online) here.


I’ve been following Robyn for a few years now, and it has been so amazing seeing her grow as an RD and help countless women learn more about Intuitive Eating (including myself!). Her blog is one of the few I still visit regularly because she’s constantly sharing so much truth and realness that the wellness community needs to hear.

I actually found my newest crush Christy Harrison through Robyn, and I’m so glad I did. She’s another voice that is making waves in the wellness community with her podcast and spitting ALL the truth with quotes like this on her Instagram.

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