What I’m Loving Right Now {10.8.17}


I’ve shared my love of collagen about a million times (it has seriously improved the condition of my hair & skin, among many other amazing benefits!), but to be honest I got a little lazy with it. I just got sick of putting it in my coffee, and with the fall weather haven’t been very into smoothies. So when I found out that Vital Proteins has collagen CAPSULES, I was all over dat. I still love the powder option, which can also be added into baked goods (!!), but the capsules are much more convenient for me.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Capsules


There’s a new mascara in town, and I’m seriously digging it. Buxom Big Tease Mascara gives some incredible volume + lengthening. Full disclosure – for me it was a tad clumpy when I first started using it, but after about a week it seemed to get much better. Just give the excess a little scrape off the edge of the tube before applying and you’ll be gucci.

(pic of it applied on my lashes below)

Buxom Big Tease Mascara


You guys, I can’t tell you how happy I am to have become a Chloe + Isabel merchandiser earlier this year. I get stopped all the time with people asking me where I get my jewelry, especially when I wear this Minaret Three Row Convertible Necklace. Lately I love dressing up simple t-shirts with a pop of chic from the c+i necklaces.

Chloe + Isabel Minaret Three Row Convertible Necklace


Yesterday Sydney and I had an early dinner at Blake Lane on the Upper East Side, and I can easily say it was one of the best meals I’ve had in quite a while. You could really tell that there was attention to the details in every single dish, as the flavors were just so perfect and unlike anything I’ve had before. Their Fall Brassica bowl was some of the best vegetables I’ve had, like…ever.

These were all of the delicious dishes we enjoyed:

  • Fall brassica bowl – charred brussel sprouts, sautéed kale, broccoli, cauliflower, beet tahini, chermoula
  • Fall salad – arugula, baby kale, kabocha squash, roasted beet, carrots, feta, sprouted pumpkin seeds, balsamic vinaigrette
  • Courgetti bowl – spiralized squash, basil pistachio pesto, roasted tomato, feta
  • Chicken salad sandwich – herb aioli, greens, pickled cucumber, croissant
  • Charred spanish octopus – fall panzanella, toasted sourdough, sweet potato, grapefruit, brussels sprout leaves, shaved red onion, balsamic vinaigrette
  • Black bean brownie – marinated berries
  • Olive oil cake – mascarpone, sea salt

Blake Lane NYCBlake Lane NYC Olive Oil Cake with honey mascarpone & sea salt | Blake Lane NYC


I recently stumbled upon @WellnessWithCourtnie and instantly fell in love with her feed! Her photos & food are SO beautiful and colorful. I could stare at them all day – seriously #GOALS.

@AvoKween is another account I recently found with fab AF photos. She has this crazy nut butter/chocolate “drip” talent that is quite drool-worthy, and her witty captions leave me giggling / feeling like I kinda sorta want to be her BFF.

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