How To Make Friends In New York

This is a post pulled from my old blog, Girl Meets Life. It was helpful to many people, so I figured I’d “resurrect” it to live somewhere!


Let’s be real – trying to make new friends can always be a little bit awkward. When we were in kindergarten it was perfectly acceptable to tap someone on the shoulder and say “hi, wanna play?” As adults, that statement would probably weird most people out, to say the least.

And, unfortunately, living in one of the most-populated and most competitive cities in the world doesn’t make this task much easier. From personal experience, though, I can attest that it is in fact possible to move to New York without knowing a single person and still finding ways to have a significant circle of friends within less than a year. Here’s how.

making friends in nyc

1. At work

As someone who works from home, I personally don’t have the opportunity to make friends at my job, but I have met a ton of great people through my friends’ jobs. Take as many opportunities as you can to get to know your co-workers – get lunch with them, go to happy hour, etc. Even if you don’t become BFFs with Frank in the cubicle next to you, you never know if you could become friends (or maybe even date?) someone from his own social circle.

2. Through your hobbies

Are you into exercising? Join a gym.
Have a passion for helping people? Start volunteering somewhere.
A foodie? Take a cooking class.
…etc., etc., etc.

New York is one of the easiest places in the world to find people with the same interests as your own, and there always ways to get involved with them. The important thing is to search out these options rather than waiting for them to just come to you.

3. When you’re just…out

I’ve found that some of the best places to meet people in NYC are the ones that you just naturally frequent – the grocery store, the subway, your favorite cafe, bars/clubs, and so on. The key to this, though, is you have to be open and available to meeting people. Take your headphones off, put a smile on, and be willing to strike up a conversation if it presents itself.

4. Through social media

Welcome to 2016, where there are more ways than ever to get in touch with people. I suggest hitting up Facebook or Instagram and seeing which of your friends or acquaintances now live in New York. And if they don’t, they probably know someone who does. Don’t be shy about it – most people are more than happy to help…and everyone loves a good ol’ Direct Message every once in a while anyway.

Fun fact – I actually met my roommate, 2 of my very best friends, and countless other friends through blogging/social media. It really can work!

5. At church

When I moved to New York and didn’t have any friends, church was the first place I turned to. Not only was the best place to find people who share the same faith as me, but I knew it was also my best chance at forming real, sincere relationships. It can be easy to get lost and feel very alone in New York, so I knew I needed friends who I could hang out and have fun with, but also ones that support and genuinely care about me. Now I consider the friends I’ve met through church as family…people that I’m in it with for the long haul.


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