I Tried It: Hestan Cue {Bluetooth Smart Pan + App}

Thank you to Hestan Cue for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

Pardon me for being Captain Obvious, but I absolutely love cooking. I find it to be therapeutic, a creative outlet, and the best way to control how nutritious my meals are.

But…let’s be real. Sometimes the idea of having a full-out cooking sesh after a long day in New York City isn’t exactly something I get excited for. I’m always on the search for new tools that can help me cook healthy & delicious meals at home without all of the fuss and guesswork.

Enter: Hestan Cue.

Hestan Cue

Hestan Cue is a smart pan and induction burner with embedded Bluetooth sensors that communicate with an app to control cook time and temperature, so you can enjoy cooking like a pro. Ummm, yes please.

Hestan Cue

The Cue automatically adapts as you work through calibrated video-guided recipes. Once the Cue and recipe pair, the system reacts and adjusts the cooking process – time, temperature, and pace – as you follow the video recipe steps. So basically when my brain is fried after a long day, the Cue is on the lookout making sure I don’t forget to add an ingredient or risk burning the sauce. Pretty cool, huh?

Hestan Cue

Oh, and did I mention that the recipes that come along with Hestan Cue are killer? We’re talking – created by Michelin-star chefs killer – and designed specifically for the Cue. So not only does cooking with the Cue take out so much guesswork, it also helps me cook incredible meals that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

Hestan Cue

(Pro-tip: the Cue is your BFF if/when cooking for date night. You’re welcome.)

After connecting the app to my Cue via Bluetooth, I browsed the recipes and landed on this one for Crispy Skin Salmon.

Hestan CueHestan Cue

Not only did this dish turn out absolutely delicious, but it’s made with clean/whole ingredients, which fits perfectly into my healthy lifestyle. And like, would you look at that presentation?

Hestan Cue

It’s getting to try products like this that make me truly love blogging. I seriously love my Hestan Cue and will be using it regularly. I couldn’t recommend it more! P.S. it also happens to make a pretty awesome gift, especially for the parents šŸ˜‰

If you want to try the Cue for yourself, use codeĀ hungryforcue to getĀ $50 off your Hestan Cue purchase at checkout!


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