The Best Healthy Fast Casual Restaurants In NYC

New York is known for having some of the top fine dining restaurants in the world – that’s a given. But it’s also home to so many incredible fast casual spots for just about any cuisine you could be in the mood for. And, if you’re someone who is health conscious (like me…80% of the time) – you’re definitely in luck. I’m always out and about in the city for work and meetings, so it’s important to have some go-to lunch spots that are quick, reasonably priced, and healthy. Here are my top picks for the best healthy fast casual restaurants NYC.

Best Healthy Fast Casual Restaurants NYC

Best Healthy Fast Casual Restaurants NYC

Hu Kitchen

I’m at Hu Kitchen all. The. Time. It’s in a super convenient location near Union Square (and newly to the UES), and they have so many healthy food options. The menu is mostly Paleo and they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner (as well as a full juice bar, cafe, prepared foods, and bakery).

I’m a huge fan of their breakfast platter, Grandmaster Veg, and Mashbar.

Best Healthy Fast Casual Restaurants NYC - Hu Kitchen

Blossom Du Jour

Blossom Du Jour is the little sis of Blossom vegan restaurant (another favorite of mine) with multiple locations across the city. Whether you’re a vegan or not, their take on vegan “fast food” is seriously delicious. Even though it’s all vegan, I should note that not all of the menu items are necessarily healthy (depending on your dietary preferences).

My favorites at Blossom Du Jour are the Karmic Kale Wrap, Blue Velvet Smoothie, and Raw Banana Cream Pie. But I’ve got to say I pretty much always go with their Smokey Avocado Wrap – avocado, smoked tempeh, tomato, lettuce, and chipotle aioli – on a gluten free wrap. This wrap is my JAM.

Best Healthy Fast Casual Restaurants NYC - Blossom Du Jour


You can’t have a healthy eatery roundup and not include the best salad joint in the universe. I can’t believe there was a day that Sweetgreen didn’t exist in NYC. Now they’re popping up all over the place!

Best Healthy Fast Casual Restaurants NYC - Sweetgreen


Terri is another vegetarian spot I love, with a few locations in the city. My favorites from there are the Chickpea “Tuna” Melt, the Green Power Smoothie, Gluten Free Vanilla Cupcake, and Portobello Pesto (on a gluten-free wrap).

Best Healthy Fast Casual Restaurants NYC - Terri NYC


Inday is one of the more unique fast casual spots in the city, in the best possible way. They offer a healthy take on Indian cuisine with customizable bowls and deliciously interesting ingredients.

Best Healthy Fast Casual Restaurants NYC - Inday

Pure Green

There’s certainly no shortage of juice bars in NYC, but Pure Green has stood out as my favorite. The staff is always kind, they have delicious acai bowls, and their juice is fresh + made with the best ingredients.

My favorites, though, are their smoothies. Don’t go without trying the Banana Nut and/or Blue Royale!

Best Healthy Fast Casual Restaurants NYC - Pure Green


The customizable poke bowls at PokeSpot are out of this world. Seriously. You can choose from various bases (including zoodles!) and topping ingredients, or choose one of their signature bowls. You also get quite the bang for your buck – the bowls are huge, so go hungry.

Best Healthy Fast Casual Restaurants NYC - Pokespot

Beyond Sushi

Don’t be scared about missing the fish – Beyond Sushi‘s vegan sushi and wraps are ridiculously good – incredibly flavorful and refreshing. My favorites are their Nutty Buddy Wrap and the Sweet Tree roll.

Best Healthy Fast Casual Restaurants NYC - Beyond Sushi

Cava Grill

Cava Grill started in DC and is new to New York, and I’m SO glad it’s here! They have build-able bowls with healthy + flavorful Mediterranean ingredients – grains, veggies, proteins, and tons of dips/sauces/toppings. And get this – unlike most similar places – you can get AS MANY toppings as you’d like 😉 Cava Grill is not only one of my favorite lunch spots, but also one of the most affordable ones.

Best Healthy Fast Casual Restaurants NYC - Cava Grill

 Springbone Kitchen

Springbone is a new kid on the block and took the bone broth trend to the next level. Their broths are delicious – we’re talking crazy flavorful – and they’re food is great too. Read more of my review here.

Best Healthy Fast Casual Restaurants NYC - Springbone

Latin Beet

Latin Beet is a new favorite, and they’ve done an incredible job of putting a Latin twist on customizable healthy bowls. I’m particularly really into their protein choices – they have a delicious steak and rotisserie chicken, but also salmon & tuna ceviche. They have a full breakfast menu as well!

Best Healthy Fast Casual Restaurants NYC - Latin Beet

Be sure to check back as I update this post regularly!