HB Travels: Capri, Italy

So, where were we? Oh right, wrapping up in Positano.


After a long, stuck-in-the-rain-with-all-of-our-luggage day leaving Positano, Sydney and I were THRILLED to arrive in the destination we were most excited about visiting – the island of Capri.

Capri, Italy

Right when we got off the ferry, we were greeting by a kind man from Hotel Punta Tragara who welcomed us, gave us directions, and took our luggage to the hotel for us. Then we headed toward the top of the island by way of a ride on the funicular. Once we got to the top I pretty much instantly fell in love with Capri. 

Capri, ItalyCapri, Italyimg_4929img_4928

After a bit of exploring and about an 15 minute walk through town we arrived at what turn out to be one of the best hotel experiences we’ve ever had.

Hotel Punta Tragara


Hotel Punta Tragara was kind enough to let us enjoy a complimentary stay, and everything about the 3 days there was a dream. First of all, it is an absolutely beautiful hotel – the design is trendy and unique yet chic and welcoming.

Punta Tragara Capri lobbyPunta Tragara Capri lobbyPunta Tragara Capri lobbyPunta Tragara Capri lobbyPunta Tragara Capri lobbyPunta Tragara Capri lobbyPunta Tragara Capri lobbyPunta Tragara Capri lobbyPunta Tragara Capri lobbyPunta Tragara Capri lobby

And then there was our room. Everything seemed brand new and was incredibly clean. The bed was luxuriously comfortable, the bathroom was huge with a massive marble walk-in shower, and we had a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean.

Capri, ItalyHotel Punta Tragara, Capri ItalyHotel Punta Tragara, Capri Italy

Oh, and who doesn’t love being welcomed with cake? 😉


On our first night we dined at Monzu, one of the restaurants in Punta Tragara. We enjoyed an amazing tasting menu paired with glass after glass of delicious Italian wines. It was quite a dining experience, to say the least!

Monzu restaurant, Capri ItalyMonzu restaurant, Capri ItalyMonzu, Capri Italy

We spent a lot of time at the pool area and dining at the pool bar, which was probably the most relaxing part of our entire 2 week trip.

cappuccino at Punta Tragara, Capri ItalyHotel Punta Tragara, Capri ItalyHotel Tragara in Capri Italy poolHotel Tragara in Capri Italy poolHotel Tragara in Capri Italy pool

We also thoroughly enjoyed their breakfast buffet, which is complimentary to all guests. They had pretty much every breakfast food you could possibly dream of.

breakfast buffet at Hotel Punta Tragara, Capri Italy

Lastly, the service at Hotel Punta Tragara was some of the best I’ve ever experienced. The staff was so friendly and accommodating throughout our entire stay.

staff at Punta Tragara Capri

In short, I couldn’t recommend Hotel Punta Tragara any more. If (when) I go back to Capri, I would book a stay there again in a heartbeat!


La Fontelina Beach

Right below our hotel (well, a bit of a hike down ;)) was La Fontelina Beach – another place made “famous” by Pinterest that we were excited to see. We didn’t end up staying on the beach there because the water was too rough and it wasn’t worth the $50+ to reserve a spot & chairs, so we ended up skipping that. We had a lunch reservation at the restaurant there as well, but ended up just going back to eat at our hotel instead. I’ve heard it’s great food, though!

La Fontelina Beach Club, Capri ItalyGracie Gordon | Capri Italy

A Day On The Boat

As with in Positano, I highly suggest renting a boat for at least half a day while in Capri. It’s an incredible experience. In four hours we circled the entire island, stopping to see the various grottos and swimming in the Mediterranean. 


The water in Capri is the most beautiful shade of blue…sometimes dark royal blue, sometimes more of a turquoise. The photos don’t even do it justice!

Grotto in Capri, Italyimg_3130


Dinner at Aurora was an interesting experience. We had high hopes as it is a very popular spot in Capri (a hot spot of sorts for celebrities), but honestly I don’t think I’d recommend going there. While the food was incredible, the service was not the best, and the overall experience just wasn’t enjoyable. 

With that being said, my favorite dish was their Truffle Pasta. It was actually one of my favorite pasta dishes during our entire time in Italy!

(Unfortunately dinner at Aurora is another experience lost when I got my phone stolen in Barcelona a few nights later. But here’s a video of the BOMB Chocolate Sphere dessert I enjoyed there!)

Gelateria Buonocore

We obviously couldn’t visit another part of Italy without testing their gelato 😉 Gelateria Buonocore is known for being the best gelato in Capri, and it did not disappoint. The waffle cones are handmade right in front of you, and then the creamiest of gelato is scooped right in. You’ll know when you’re nearby because you’ll smell the delicious. A perfect afternoon snack!

gelateria buonocore Capri Italygracie-gordon gelateria buonocore Capri Italy

Da Paolino 

On our last night in Capri we visited Da Paolino Lemon Trees restaurant, which was another spot that was recommended to us by so many people. Right away I loved the “vibes” of Da Paolino – the entire restaurant is covered by (you guessed it) lemon trees! 

The food at Da Paolino was very good – we got a few dishes, but my favorite one of their signature pasta dishes with lemon cream sauce.

Da Paolino, Capri Italy

While it wasn’t necessarily food I’ll dream about, the overall experience was. The servers were so kind and fun. It was a good follow up to dining at Aurora and reminding us what a true Italian dining experience should be like. 

Gracie Gordon | Hungry Blonde

We had such an amazing few days in Capri, it was difficult to leave! But on Wednesday we hopped on a ferry to Naples, then to the airport, and then made our way to Barcelona for the next leg of our journey…

Stay tuned for my Barcelona recap, coming soon!