I Made It: Easiest Ever Valentine’s Day Dark Chocolate Truffles

2 Ingredient Valentine's Day Truffles

Even though I’m a (happily) single gal, I’m such a sucker for all things Valentine’s Day. I just love love, so naturally I’m a fan of the holiday that celebrates it!

Since Valentine’s Day pretty much revolves around chocolate, I figured it was a good opportunity to try making my own chocolate truffles.

2 Ingredient #ValentinesDay Truffles #vegan and #paleo - so easy!

After doing the standard Pinterest browse, I stumbled upon these 2-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Truffles from Minimalist Baker. Her recipes have never steered me wrong, and HELLO only 2 ingredients, so I knew I had a winner on my hands.

I was right.

Instead of coating the truffles with cocoa powder, I used pink, red, and white sprinkles to make them extra festive.

These little balls of fudgy goodness are almost too good to be true – I can’t believe they’re only 2 ingredients! Not only that, but they’re:

  • vegan
  • Paleo
  • free of added sugar
  • gluten free
  • low(ish) in calories
  • no baking required

Not bad for a rich, indulgent Valentine’s Day treat 😉 View the original recipe to see what the 2 easy ingredients are!

2 Ingredient #ValentinesDay Truffles #vegan and #paleo - so easy!