I Tried It: The Dough Bar Protein Doughnuts

Doughnuts seem to have become the poster child treat for the IIFYM / flexible dieting / #FitFam world (accordingly to Instagram, at least), and I’m certainly not one to object. While I’d never say no to a “real” sugary, carb-filled doughnut, there’s definitely a time and a place for a healthier version that doesn’t break the calorie and/or macro bank. And – let’s be real – I’m not the “fruit for dessert” type of gal. When I need a treat, I need a treat!

So when The Dough Bar offered to send me some of their lightened up, protein-packed doughnuts, I obviously was very excited to try them out.

A little about The Dough Bar doughnuts:

  • They’re baked, not fried
  • They’re made using a yeast-based dough, compromised of a mixture of healthy flours, is a unique, made-from-scratch recipe
  • Each doughnut comes with a glaze and topping, which you add yourself
  • Macro-friendly! Nutrition info comes with the doughnuts and is on their website. Each doughnut (including the glaze and toppings) comes out to about 200 calories.

I was given a variety pack including Cookie Monster, Cookies and Creme, and Cookie Butter.

The Dough Bar Protein Doughnuts

The verdict: I LOVED them. The doughnuts were a lot more dense and chewy than I expected them to be, which was definitely a good thing. They were in fact quite filling!

Let’s be real – they didn’t taste exactly like “normal” doughnuts, but that’s to be expected. And compared to other healthy versions of treats, I think The Dough Bar did a great job. I would definitely get them again!

The Dough Bar Protein Doughnuts

The Dough Bar only takes orders on certain days, so head over to their website to find out how!

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