Dear Body

Dear body, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for telling you you’re too short. Too curvy. Too weak.
I’m sorry for pushing you too hard when you were trying to tell me you wanted rest.
I’m sorry for blaming you for why a guy didn’t like me.
I’m sorry for burning you in the sun.
I’m sorry for the 5 inch heels.
I’m sorry for not listening to you more closely.
I’m sorry for not trusting you.
I’m sorry for the times I was reckless with you.
I’m sorry for comparing you to others.
I’m sorry for the times I’ve taken you for granted. 

Dear body, thank you.

Thank you for hearing the music that brings me alive.
Thank you for seeing the most breathtaking sights around the world.
Thank you for smelling coffee, basil, the ocean & the cologne of a handsome man.
Thank you for the butterflies that remind me I can still feel that way.
Thank you for memories that are so etched in my brain they can never be taken away.
Thank you for the times we stayed out dancing until 4am.
Thank you for my my eyelashes, my blue eyes, my butt & my freckles.
Thank you for healing so well.
Thank you for releasing endorphins.
Thank you for being strong, even when I forget you are.

Dear body, I promise.

I promise to always try to do a better job of nourishing you.
I promise not to deprive you.
I promise to move you in a way that is out of love.
I promise to listen and trust you better.
I promise to do everything I can to help you grow older.
And I promise to teach my daughters all of these things.