I Tried It: Cookie DŌ

Ummmm YA. You read that title right.

Cookie DO

I had drooled over seen DŌ on Instagram for the past year or so, so I was thrilled when I finally got to try it for myself. I mean, who doesn’t love a straight spoonful of cookie dough?

Cookie DO

{Confetti, S’mores & Cake Batter varieties}

I was pretty sure I’d love DŌ, but it ended up being even more delicious than I imagined. I may or may not have had to physically leave my apartment to stop eating it (ha).

In addition to just being one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten, there are a few things I really love about DŌ.

  • They have dozens of great varieties like Snickerdoodle, Confetti, Classic Chocolate Chip, as well as special seasonal favorites
  • You can customize your DŌ and use whatever mix-ins you’d like
  • Grain-free and vegan options
  • You can eat DŌ straight up OR bake it into real cookies
  • They ship everywhere! (HINT – a great gift idea)

You can learn more + place an order at CookieDOnyc.com, or give them a follow on Instagram!