My Favorite NYC Fitness Classes On ClassPass

The other day when I asked you guys on Instagram for blog post ideas, a handful of you requested I share the best NYC fitness classes on ClassPass. Um, why didn’t I think of that?!

I’ve had an off-and-on relationship with ClassPass for a few years, but over the past few months I have fallen in love with it in a whole new way. I think what has made the difference is that I’m much more open to trying new classes and seeking more variety in my workouts. Not to mention that with so many classes in New York ranging from $30-$40 a pop, ClassPass really is a great deal. These classes below are not only my favorites on ClassPass, but I think they’re also some of the best kept secrets in the NYC fitness world.

Sculpt at Solace New York

As of right now this is my absolute favorite class. I’m in a place in my fitness journey where I really want to build strength, but I don’t necessarily want an OMG-I’m-going-to-pass-out intense workout all the time. Sculpt is still fast-paced and gives you a great heart pumping workout, but the focus is on building strength through bodyweight movements, resistance bands and light weights, with elements of Yoga/stretching mixed in.

The majority of the classes at Solace New York are actually Crossfit/HIIT (which I’ve heard are great), but Sculpt is more my speed. Don’t send the feminist police after me for saying this but, I personally find Sculpt to be a better fit as a workout for the leaner, womanly physique I am going for. I’ve taken a few instructors at Sculpt and they’ve all been great, but my favorite is Christina Jensen.

Micro at Bari Studio

The Micro class at Bari Studio is sort of similar to Sculpt, except they use some more props (the barre, bari skimmers, etc.) and it’s a bit more fast paced and upbeat. I like it for the same reason – that it is tailored for getting that more lean, long figure. Bari has other fun classes like Dance and Bounce (using a trampoline!) that I haven’t tried yet, but I know many girls love them.


Truth be told, it took me a little while to get into Peloton. As someone who was once hooked on SoulCycle, it was difficult for me not to compare the two. While SoulCycle will always be my favorite spin class, Peloton falls in second place because a) it’s a killer workout, especially when you want that sweaty spin fix and b) unlike other spin classes I’ve taken, Peloton isn’t trying to be just like SoulCycle! They really do their own thing, which I appreciate. Instructors here REALLY matter, though. I will only take Robin, Jess, Cody or Alex. The NYC studio also has great locker rooms and a cafe area that you can chill/work from.

Overthrow New York

Funnily enough, what I love about Overthrow is that it’s quite possibly the exact opposite of most of the other fitness classes I’ve been to in New York. It isn’t trendy, it isn’t meticulously branded, and it isn’t swarming with girls in $300 worth of athleisure (I know I know – pot calling the kettle black). Instead it looks like a dive bar covered in graffiti and stickers, and honestly kind of smells like a mens’ locker room. That environment paired with the killer workout (seriously – you’ll be drenched in sweat afterward) is the ultimate combo for feeling like a total badass. I’ve taken Dan and Sergio’s classes and love them both.

Kickbox Haus

The Kickbox Haus is another no-frills studio that is perfect for getting your badass on. The studio is small and narrow, and it’s my go-to when I want to punch & kick out any negativity in my life. Joseph is a professional fighter and looks intimidating at first, but he’s super friendly and an amazing instructor.


Kore is another one of my get-your-ass-kicked favorites. It’s interval training with lots of strength and cardio movements – starting with an active stretch, core training, equipment-based HIIT, then a cool down. The environment is super fun and club-like, which is not only motivating but almost makes you forget how intense it is.

New York Pilates

I’ve tried a couple of Pilates classes in the city, and New York Pilates is my favorite. It’s one of those classes I go to when I want to be particularly kind & gentle with my body, yet still get a great strengthening workout. Their Bowery studio is my favorite – it’s a large, bright open space with exposed brick (AKA looks straight out of Pinterest). They also have a Montauk studio that is great to visit when you’re out east.

I’ll be sure to update this post as I find new classes I love!

If you’d like to give ClassPass a try, you can use my link for $40 off your first month 🙂

What are your favorite classes in New York? I’m always looking to try new ones!

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  1. You should try Planet fitness they are only 20 bucks a month for one year 50 bucks if you want to buy out the contract with 20 bucks you could use so many locations and massage chairs after the workout which is amazing after getting your butt kicked at the gym also lucille roberts there is one on grand central in nyc and they have the best classes for like 30 bucks a month so good to stay fit

  2. Although I don’t live in NYC, I stream DanceBody classes online and it’s seriously…the best…ever. You should definitely give it a try! I’m so envious you can do so many great workouts in New York!!

  3. I love this post! You’re my go to to ask about new classes I am trying!

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