I Tried It: Munchery

Here in New York, food delivery is kind of a big deal. Most New Yorkers dine out at least once a day, so having convenient options to get food right to your doorstep (or office) is crucial.

There are a ton of apps and resources that help you order from your favorite restaurants – and there are also a handful of custom meal delivery services – but then there’s Munchery, which sort of falls in between.



What is Munchery?
Munchery is a whole new way to eat. In-house chefs create dishes that get delivered right to your door, ready to heat and eat when you are. (From Munchery.com) 

Each day they have a different menu with dozens of different dishes to choose from. Included is information about the dish like nutrition facts, ingredients, etc. You can order a la carte everything from main dishes, to dessert, beverages, and even a kids menu.

What I love about Munchery is that it’s much more personalized than getting delivery from a restaurant or a pre-made meal delivery service. It feels more like you’re getting a home-cooked meal right from the chef’s kitchen to your door.

Oh, and did I mention that the food rocks?

Dancing Salmon Roll | Munchery.com{Dancing Salmon Roll}

Butternut Squash Soup | Munchery.com{Butternut Squash Soup}

7 layer Chocolate cake
{7 Layer Chocolate Cake}

Messy Meatball Sub | Munchery.com{Messy Meatball Mozzarella Sub}

As you can probably tell, I enjoyed every last bite of my Munchery meals 😉 And you can too! Munchery is available in NYC, SF Bay Area, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

Want to try Munchery for yourself? Click here to get $20 off your first order!