gracie gordonHi! I’m Gracie, AKA the Hungry Blonde.

I’m not a chef. I’m not a nutritionist. I’m just a blonde chick living in NYC and I’m…well, hungry.

What is Hungry Blonde?
Hungry Blonde is a welllness + food lifestyle blog. It’s all about showing what it looks like to balance healthy living with the busy and indulgent life in New York City. With Hungry Blonde I want to show that it IS possible to do both – to be passionate about nutrition and fitness, but to also indulge in all of the incredible food (and parties, activities, and so on…) that NYC has to offer.

To me, being healthy isn’t just about what you eat – it’s about taking care of yourself but also experience life to the fullest, and just having FUN! You can learn more about my story + health philosophy here.

A bit more about me…

Some of you might remember me from my previous blog, Girl Meets Life, which ran from 2010 to December 2015. As I began to lose interest in the world of lifestyle blogging, my passion for food and healthy living was reignited, and the little anonymous “side gig” Instagram that was Hungry Blonde began. What started simply as a place to share food photos eventually turned into a thing on its own, growing more than I ever anticipated! So I decided to go with it, and here we are.

When I’m not hungry I enjoy taking fitness classes, traveling, random adventures in NYC, expanding my jewelry company Speakable, going to the movies, and just about anything social. Follow me on Instagram (Stories) for more of my day-to-day!

Work with me!

I LOVE working with brands to create custom content on the Hungry Blonde blog, Instagram, and beyond. I offer services such as product exposure, giveaways, brand ambassador, video content & more. Please contact me by emailing HungryBlondeNYC@gmail.com