Why toast is the perfect breakfast + 10 toast topping ideas

For the past year or so, I’ve kinda sorta been obsessed with toast. It all started when avocado toast became the trendy “it” food in NYC and beyond (which I totally fell for), but it led me to see the once boring bread-and-butter breakfast in a whole new way.

Here’s why I think toast is the perfect breakfast + tips to take toast to the next level.

1. It’s quick and convenient.
I mean, it doesn’t get much easier than throwing bread into the toaster and adding some toppings. TIP: Store your bread in the freezer to keep it fresh + always have on hand.

2. It’s versatile.
There are a million and one ways to make toast. You can try different breads and all sorts of different toppings.

3. It’s balanced.
Depending on the toppings you use, toast gives you a healthy balance of carbs, fat and protein to start your day off on the right foot. TIP: Choose a hearty, healthy bread. Lately I’m a huge fan of Free Bread.

4. It’s perfect for the texture lover.
I’m a big texture person, which I think is the main reason I love toast so much. I just can’t get enough of the combo of crunchy bread with some sort of creamy topping.

Speaking of toppings, here are my favorite combo ideas:

  • mashed avocado + chili flakes + crushed pistachios + black pepper + sea salt
  • peanut butter + banana + chia seeds
  • hummus + sundried tomatos + black pepper + sea salt
  • mascarpone cheese + blueberry preserves
  • cream cheese + smoked salmon + black pepper + dill
  • crunchy almond butter + raspberry preserves
  • mashed avocado + soft boiled egg + sea salt + Sriracha
  • ricotta cheese + sliced pear + sliced fig + drizzle of honey
  • cashew butter + sliced apple
  • beet hummus + sliced cucumber + black pepper

toast with beet hummus + cucumber | Hungry Blonde NYC

TOAST | Hungry Blonde